Flying The American Flag at Half-Staff everyday until things improve

I am not kidding in the slightest when I suggest that we fly The American Flag at Half-Staff everyday until things improve; until there’s no more “Breaking BAD News”; until people no longer have a reason to kill each other using the worst thing ever invented: the AR-15 and all their relatives including the Colt 45 (I just found out totally by coincidence that Colt owns the rights to the AR-15); until every man, woman and child has all they need in order to live a dignified, healthy and happy life. Let’s include EVERYONE on Planet Earth. I mean it. Damn right I do.

Watch this video regarding Wealth Inequality (I’d demand it if I could):

It’s from 2012, but it’s just as timely as ever. Just realize things have gotten, and keep getting, worse. (Please click on “SHOW MORE” at the bottom to see the references. Mighty impressive.)

Via Burke Moss, NetBugle



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