Trumps Free Press: Brilliance or Epic Fail?

According to The Washington Post Hillary Clinton has raised $600 Million since June 30th compared to Donald Trump raising just $296.6 Million during the same time placing his campaign financing just under half of Hillary Clinton.  There is no way his campaign can fill the airways with commercials and your mail boxes with propaganda at the same pace as Clinton.

So what does The Donald do to stay in the eyes and ears of the people if he can’t compete in media advertising?

One word: Controversy

It’s almost becoming a daily ritual for Donald Trump to say something controversial from building a wall to keep the rapist and murderers out of our country, to banning all Muslim’s from entering our country, to his attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Kahn, to even suggesting that the 2nd amendment folks may be the only way to stop Hillary Clinton…

Is this strategy brilliance or an epic failure?

I actually find myself scouring the daily news to see just what nonsense The Donald has said now?  And I’m certain I’m not alone.  He even claims he only speaks the truth.  He can apologize for his harsh words but if he always tells the truth, he must believe it.  Like it or not, his bullying and insults are keeping him in everyone’s mind, be it good news or bad news, he is news.

Donald Trump is not only making news, he’s making headline news on a daily basis: “Donald Trump suggests shooting Hillary Clinton, her Supreme Court picks, or both”, “A reminder that Donald Trump did not oppose the Iraq War from the very beginning”, “Trump claimed Obama was “the founder of Isis”, to name just a few headlines.  He’s insulted just about everyone, every race, even journalists like Megyn Kelly, Governors like Susana Martinez and even Senators such as John McCain and more.   And when he’s not in the news his campaign cronies are.

Giving Donald Trumps campaign a 24 hour in your face, free publicity.

When The Donald speaks, the media is all over it.  News papers, viral news sites, main stream and not so main stream are all publishing his every word, tweet and breath.  Twitter is all about it and Facebook is talking about it.  He’s everywhere.  All day, everyday.

So is all this press good for his campaign or will it all backfire and hand the POTUS over to Hillary Clinton.  Will Trump turn things around and astound everyone during the debates and give his campaign the needed boost it so desperately needs?   He’s already publicly apologized for sometimes saying the wrong things.

Is this the beginning of his turn around?

We will all, very soon, find out.  In the mean time we will continue to see Trump “In The News” soaking up all the free press he can muster.

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